Announcement - Website Secret Password Contest

Secret Password

Hidden throughout the YP NeXus website are 6 images which contain an alphanumeric, 2 character string. For example, an image could contain "4C".

Browse our new website and find all 6 images!

Once you have found all 6, order the images based on the numeric portion of the character string and determine the Secret Password, which will be spelled out by the alpha portion of the character string.

An example of a completed Secret Password, DIVERSITY, is shown here :


After you have determined the Secret Password, submit the Secret Password via the form below. If your submission is correct, you will be entered into a drawing to win a $20 Barnes and Nobles Gift Card.

The submission deadline is October 31st, 2018 and the winner will be announced via the YP NeXus newsletter in November.

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Young Professionals
Professional Development - OFB Leadership Roles Available

Grow your skills and help to feed thousands of Rochester families!

The Operation Food Basket volunteer program is in its 38th year. The majority of its volunteers are active, retired or former Xerox employees. Three leadership roles are available for the Operation Food Basket 2018 Campaign.

If interested, please email Gary Mroczek at!

Leadership Role 1

Two volunteers needed to work with Bernie Durman on the food packing and procurement and warehouse operations. These volunteers will work with Bernie and take on the roles of recruiting/coordinating/directing over 100 volunteers to support the food packing/delivery day, and support food procurement and delivery operations. (We purchase, pack and deliver over 65,000 pounds of food totaling $50,000). These two individuals will need to participate in our team meetings and take on responsibilities defined by Bernie over the next 3 months. I estimate their work would require an average of 3-4 hours of effort each week. Bernie can provide more detailed information as required.

Leadership Role 2

One volunteer needed to assume responsibility for interface with Xerox Webster warehouse management and staff to complete all required planning/actions for the food packing operation to be conducted. This individual will attend our team meetings and spend an average of 3-4 hours per week over the next 3 months. Larry Lloyd can provide details of the role to the new volunteer.

Announcement - 2018 TWA Conference Scholarship

Don't miss your chance to win the 2018 International TWA Conference Scholarship provided by YP NeXus.


The International Women's Conference is hosted each year by The Women's Alliance (TWA).

YP NeXus and The Women's Alliance collaborate year round to provide our members with amazing opportunities!


Up to three (3) YP NeXus members will be selected to have their full conference registration reimbursed and five (5) YP NeXus members will be selected to receive a 20 dollar food / travel voucher.


The deadline to apply for the 2018 International TWA Conference Scholarship is October 12th, 2018.

The deadline to register for the 2018 International TWA Conference is October 12th, 2018.

Please provide the following information via email to to apply :

  • Proof of Conference Registration and Purchase Price

  • First and Last Name

  • Email

  • Are you a YP NeXus Member?

  • Are you a TWA Member?

  • How has YP NeXus or TWA positively impacted your work / life since joining Xerox? ( 100 word MAX)

  • What do you hope to gain from your TWA Conference experience? (200 Word MAX)

  • Free Write (optional) (200 Word MAX)

Announcement - Are you a YP NeXus Member?

We are excited to bring new chapters into the YP family in 2018. With new chapters will come a wider range of virtual events that you can take full advantage of right from the comfort of your desk.

Register here! You can become a member TODAY and enjoy all of our virtual events!

Young Professionals
Connected to Community - Jazmin Ruiz

Introducing the YP NeXus Connected to Community series! Highlighting YP NeXus members who go above and beyond to make their community a better place.

Our July member highlight - Jazmin Ruiz - has an impressive impact on the world through her job mitigating risk and on her local Rochester community through her many volunteer activities. Read more about Jazmin in our July 2018 Connected to Community Newsletter.