Health is Wealth: Health Insurance and How it Protects You

Healthy living is more than just simple healthy actions - it is a lifestyle.

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Although you may be young and healthy today, understanding your health care options and developing a plan could be vital for your future health and well-being. Actively seeking regular check-ups and preventative care treatments provided through health insurance can significantly reduce your chances of unexpected illness, and benefits such as Health Savings Accounts (HSA) can help to prepare for these unexpected medical expenses in the future. As annual enrollment approaches, YP University hosted a session to understand the basics of benefits and enrollment options for 2019.

In addition to enrolling in health insurance for 2019, there are other steps you can take to maintain a healthy lifestyle. A healthy life style refers to both your physical and mental health. Physical health typically refers to proper care of your body to prevent illness, mental health refers to psychological and emotional well-being. Poor physical health can lead to poor mental health and vice versa. Eating well-balanced meals, staying active, exercising regularly, getting the required amount of sleep, attending preventative care check-ups, and even creating a HSA in preparation for future mishaps can help you maintain a happy and healthy life style.

Xerox provides many resources for its global employees including medical decision and guidance support. One resource that many find useful in the U.S. is Rally. Rally is an app that provides you with digital coaching and personalized recommendations to help you live your best life. Participating in Rally missions and challenges will help you to set goals and develop physical and mental healthy habits for 2019 and beyond. Additionally, Rally also provides health and wellness incentives including HSA contributions. If you have not already done so, try using Rally, another app, or even pen and paper to track your health and wellness in 2019

It is important to understand and enroll in the best health insurance for your current situation, that will cover your medical expenses without covering things you do not need. If you were unable to attend the YP University Benefits Explained session and would like more information on what is available to you, call the Employee Service Center at 1.800.428.2203, or visit the BenefitsWeb portal today – and remember to enroll before November 21st!


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