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A Millennial Perspective on the Future of Work

We are a confident, ambitious and digitally connected cohort with the knowledge and drive to pose questions that make companies re-consider how businesses today should be run. The following article outline ways in which we have already started to lead workplace change, and things you can do today to help drive the workforce forward.

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Exploring New Opportunities for YP Members

Our YP Board members have been working hard to launch new initiatives for early career professionals here at Xerox focusing on breaking down barriers and increasing collaboration across the company. Learn more about the benefits of participating in the Career Development/Department Exploration (CDDE) and/or Reverse Mentorship programs today.

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Tips to Maintaining Your Professional Edge

Change can be intimidating and uncomfortable, however when embraced, it can lead you to opportunities and experiences you never thought possible. One of the biggest challenges we as professionals’ face today is staying relevant in our constantly evolving digital climate. Your ability to adapt to the changes in your industry can lead you to a higher level of success in the end. As John C. Maxwell once said, “Change is inevitable, growth is optional” so make the choice to grow yourself today to prepare for the changes of tomorrow.

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