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UnlockIt: The Power of Strengths Use


YP University Presents

The Power of Strengths Use Webinar

Unlock your full potential

It is not enough to merely know your strengths, you must also know how to strategically apply them in your everyday life. UnlockIt: The Power of Strengths Use focuses on teaching you how to effectively recognize and apply your strengths in ways that will lead to optimal performance within your personal and professional life.

High-performing employees experience greater engagement and joy in their work, and in their personal life – and strengths use is directly correlated with high performance!

Come attend UnlockIt to….

  • Recognize the role of strengths in producing sustained, optimal performance, and high energy

  • Change negative feelings and interactions by understanding and applying strengths more effectively.

  • Get beyond simply knowing what your strengths are, to see what to do with that knowledge!

For more information and webinar link contact David Shake.