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YP NeXus Rochester 2019 Kickball League

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Kickball League of Rochester is a fun co-ed social league appealing to all adults in the greater Rochester New York area over the age of 21. This year The YP NeXus Rochester Chapter is excited to form a league for the summer season. The Summer season runs through the weeks of June 24th - August 24th, 2019. Games typically alternate fields and times each week, they are usually either at 6:15 pm or 7:15 pm and last for 45 minutes - 1 hour. We would play one day  a week – TBD through the survey (link below).

The cost per team is $675 ($20-67.50/person depending on how many people sign up), and can be reduced through acquisition of a sponsor, typically a local bar or restaurant. Registration cost includes: official kickball t-shirts, paid referees & costs of equipment, insurance & cost of fields, pub crawl(s)/events/giveaways/prizes, and a seasonal donation to a local charity.

The team requires at least 10 players, with an equal distribution of men and women on the field during play time - if the minimum number of people required to play do not show up on time the team will be forced to forfeit that game.

There is no prior experience required - this is just for fun! If you can commit to the dates and time frame and are interested in signing up please fill out the survey (link below) so we can get a better idea of the level of interest and everyone’s availability.