YP NeXus of Southern California



The Southern California chapter is the first Young Professional NeXus chapter to open in the state of California. Our chapter’s goal is to bring Xerox and Xerox affiliate employees together to take part in social, community and networking events. We look forward to working with everyone.

Board Members


Thomas Ziska



Joseph Hernandez

Vice President


Are YOU interested in joining the Board?

The SoCal Chapter is actively seeking a social events coordinator to join the board and help facilitate their growing group of young professionals. If you have a passion for personal and professional development and are interested in a this position apply below today!

*Note you must be a YP NeXus member to join the board

Social Events Coordinator

This person would be in charge of coordinating events, understanding the 501(c)3 structure and also being the event manager for both local and global events we would hold. They report first to the VP and then to the President.


Up-coming events

Local Events: Contact Thomas Ziska for more information.

Global/Virtual Events: Contact YP University representative David Shake for more information.