Young professionals University provides members with access to various professional development, internal, and best practice web presentations.

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401K Options

Watch our YP University webinar focused around the importance of having a solid 401K and how we can start planning for our own futures today! The topics discussed include: Xerox 401K savings plan overview, site demo and How to Enroll (elect contribution %), saving for retirement, and investment funds.

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Digital Disruption

Steve Bandrowczak, Chief Operations Officer, shares his knowledge and expertise on how to lead a company through digital disruption based on his personal experiences and background. His empowering presentation will help you gain a full understanding of what it takes to drive change in your current position at Xerox.

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New Member Debrief

Miss the meeting? Watch our new member debrief meeting on demand now. We discussed exciting opportunities and programs, up-coming events and webinars, and provided information on local chapter development.

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